Beranda Relationship How To Save Your Sex Life During Lockdown

How To Save Your Sex Life During Lockdown

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If you’re locked down with a lover, then perhaps you’ve breathed a sigh of relief that at least you’re quarantined with someone you lust after. So much time to tick off everything on your ‘fuckit list’ now that every weekend is like a dirty weekend. You can buy yourselves a sex swing! Start a lockdown sex blog!

But while I’d definitely recommend these things if you fancy them, sexual novelty can wear off quickly, especially when you can only escape your partner in carnal experimentation for one government-mandated walk per day. Perhaps, when we eventually get let out, we’ll want to apply our new-found social distancing skills in getting a long way from the person we love right now. Certain areas in China have reported a spike in divorce rates after quarantine periods, and lawyers here in the UK are warning we might see the same. So what can you do to temper this? How do you keep the love and lust alive when you’re trapped together for weeks on end? These are my rules.

Give yourselves space

If you’re lucky enough to have space, carve out a little bit each to call your own. It could be the spare room, the study, the shed, the cellar; somewhere that’s just for you, where you can disappear to breathe, read, chill or masturbate. I’m serious. It sounds weird to begin an article about togetherness with advice about being apart, but time on your own is as important for your mental health as companionship, and in any emergency you need to put on your own mask before helping others. Look after yourself and give your partner the room to do the same.

At the time of writing, it’s still OK to go out for exercise. Do it alone. It’s a chance not just for you to escape your home, but also to give your partner a break from you. You could also instigate occasional solo days: ‘I’ll take upstairs, you take downstairs’. If you live in a small flat and can’t physically separate, why not mark one evening as ‘headphones and solitude’ time? Absence still makes the heart grow fonder, even if that ‘absence’ is just watching different films on Netflix.

Embrace the weird

Nothing is normal right now. But on the up side that means everything is normal, if you decide it should be. Want to clean the house naked? Go for it. Fancy getting your wedding clothes out of storage for an extremely fancy date night? Why not. This is the time to try that Danaerys/Dragon role play scenario that you’ve both been nurturing since you first watched Game of Thrones.

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